Why do you only deliver fresh produce (i.e. fruits and vegetables)?

Fruit Wellbeing is keeping things very simple to ensure efficiency and low overheads. This means lower prices! 

How can I tell if my produce is actually certified organic and/or biodynamic?

Fruit Wellbeing makes every effort to provide produce in its original packaging with certification labelling. In some instances this is not possible on produce lines that are only available from the wholesale market in large bulk quantities. Also, often organic produce can be simply visually distinguished from conventional produce.  

Is your produce first-grade quality?

Yes, all produce is first-grade unless otherwise indicated. 

Since starting this delivery service I have learnt a lot about fruit from my early morning trips to the wholesale market. One of the biggest things I have realised is that almost all of those too good to be true prices/deals on some produce lines are almost always offerings of second-grade produce. This applies to both organic and conventional produce. The produce either (a) doesn't look relatively blemish-free or (b) it's not fresh/tasty. Conventional avocados are the perfect example; those $1 or 2 for $3 avocado offers are consistently fruits of very poor quality (often rotten all through). Something even worse, however, that I keep on seeing time and time again is that a few organic stores and delivery services (the latter I have identified in hindsight from previous buying experiences) are delivering second-grade apples, oranges, cucumbers, zucchinis and root vegetables without even letting their customers know! With organics in particular it can be very difficult to tell. 

So, how can you tell if produce is first or second-grade? The easiest method is to simply check the original box for the words 'first-grade' or a circled number '1'. This is usually pretty accurate although some produce lines don't always have extensive packaging/labelling. With all my delivered produce, I am delivering with original packaging and full certification information wherever possible to ensure that you know you are getting what you pay for.  

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Where and when do you deliver?

Currently Fruit Wellbeing delivers to the Melbourne metro area (free delivery) and outer metro area (ask for a delivery quote) on Mondays (west/north/CBD) and Thursdays (east)

If you live beyond the outer metro region and are keen to place a large bulk order please contact me to make special arrangements. 

Can you deliver after hours or on a different day?

This may be possible. Please contact me to make special arrangements. 

How are your prices so low?

Fruit Wellbeing believes in providing an affordable delivery service without excessive margins. Costs are also minimised by a simple ordering and payment system. 

Why do you offer certified organic and biodynamic produce?

I am often asked and, indeed sometimes even question myself, something along the lines of: "Lachlan, why do I need to be eating organic produce?". There is a lot of opinion when it comes to the organic versus conventional produce debate, however, there is generally very little fact (including scientific research; particularly studies without funding from those with vested interests).

The fundamental reason why I am choosing organic (and this is a fact) is as follows:

Every dollar we spend is a vote for what we believe in and want more of. Leaving nutritional differences aside, it is not nature's design for produce to be treated with synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, irradiation, sewage sludge, hormones, antibiotics and genetic engineering.  

What do you support and what do you want to see more of in the world? 

It is my belief that all produce should be organic and this is why I have established Fruit Wellbeing. I want to make it possible for more people in Melbourne to access quality organics, delivered same-day from the wholesale market to ensure optimal freshness, at very reasonable prices.